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Pi Network Crossed 7 Million Pioneers – Time for You to Mine Pi

Pi network recently crossed 7 million miners. And it’s just been around a year and a half. I remember when a colleague invited me to start mining this new cryptocurrency and I ignored it. But it isn’t too late for you to join and start mining before miners reach 1 billion.

Recently, Pi network notified their miners to increase their network and mine at a higher rate. Or else, someone would take a lead and get the benefit.

Something like this has already happened in the past year when the mining rate dropped from 0.8 to 0.4.

Though, the company mentioned that new members (after a certain threshold) wouldn’t be able to mine. But they’re still mining.

So to help you decide and start mining Pi, here are a few reasons to give you a heads-up.

Why You Must Start Mining Pi, Right Away?

Think of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first of its kind. This cryptocurrency was launched in 2009 by some unknown person or group.

And no one would have thought that one Bitcoin could cost you nearly $20,000/- (Dec-17). And it was around $0.003/- in 2010 (Pi is nearly of the same value this year).

So, why take this for granted and feel bad later?

No Investment

Since joining and mining as of now doesn’t require a dime, you can simply jump in and become one of the pioneers of this new digital currency.

Mine Pi or Mine Nothing

Yes, there could be more cryptocurrencies in the future. And you can mine or invest in them too. But Pi is here right now. The company is offering you to come and mine until it’s too late.

Go back to the above image (1). And compare the mining rate in 2019 and this year. It’d certainly go down in the days to come.

Is Pi Fraud?

If I hadn’t heard of Bitcoin, I might’ve said the same. And guess what, people, companies, and even countries are moving towards some sort of digital currency.

The key uptake of any digital currency (be it a cryptocurrency or other) is; it’s easy to trace. This type of currency would help countries in tracing taxable income, source(s) of income, transferring of currency, would reduce corruption, and more.

And since you aren’t required to invest a dime as of now, and the company doesn’t seek for any personal or non-disclosed information, you can join Pi and start mining right away.

Still Uncertain? Check this Out

Quora is one of the places you visit when you need an opinion from people around the globe. For example if you’re planning to invest in Pi, Quora is one of the best places to ask.

Check out what people are saying about Pi network.

How good is the Pi Network cryptocurrency? What is the expected value going to be? What does it do differently to other mobile cryptos?

Now, this is just to help you learn what people are talking about.

Time to Mine Pi

I’m pretty certain that you’d have made up your mind and planned to start mining Pi. It’s as easy as downloading and signing up on any other app.

However, you need a referral to sign up. You could sign up on Pi using this referral ID: MUBILL.

Once you’re done, start building a network by inviting friends and family using your invite code and mine at a higher rate.

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